alpine-bbx-t600-300w    alpine-bbx-t600-300w    alpine-bbx-t600-300w  

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2 Κανάλια, Μέγιστη ισχύς εξόδου [@16V, 30%THD, 2Ω]: 300W. Iσχύς εξόδου RMS: 2 x 50W(4Ω), 2 x
70W(2Ω), BTL: 1 x 130W(bridged)
Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Terminal Layout: Two-Sided

Screw Mount / Wire Cover: Integrated Wire and Mounting Screw Terminals


Amplifier Type: Class-A/B

Channel Design: 2/1 Channel

Thermal Control: Thermal Management Control

Power Supply: DC-DC PWM Power Supply

Power Supply Design: MOSFET Power

Current Protection: Over-Current, Over-Voltage and Thermal Protection

Crossover: Variable Low-Pass / High-Pass

Green/red Status LED

1 pair RCA pre-inputs

1 pair RCA pre-outputs


Max Power Output Ratings

Total Max Power: 300W

RMS Power Ratings

Per Channel into 4ohms (≤1%THD+N): 2 x 50W

Per Channel into 2ohms (≤1%THD+N): 2 x 70W

Bridged into 4ohms (≤1%THD+N): 1 x 130W

Sound Tuning

Crossover Frequency (Variable, OFF/LPF/HPF Selectable)

1/2 Ch: LP: 50Hz – 250Hz   HP: 80Hz  – 1.2kHz

EQ (Equalizer): Bass EQ Fixed Frequency 45 Hz, Q=0.5, Variable Gain  0dB to +12dB


Footprint: 250 mm x 52 mm x 240 mm


Power Requirements: 14.4 V DC (11 V to 16 V)

Input Sensitivity: 0.2 - 8.0 V

Frequency Response: 5 Hz - 50 kHz (+ 0,-3 dB)

Speaker Impedance: 4 or 2 Ω

Signal to Noise: S/N Ratio (IHF A Weighted, Reference: rated power into 4ohms) 95 dB

Weight: 1.9 Kg

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